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“Just do it.” It’s a motto that inspires up-and-coming New York musician Jaclyn Manfredi to create her unique style of pop and R&B. Since she was young, Jaclyn has been giving it all she has got by putting herself in front of a crowd and beautifully overcoming the challenge of being vulnerable by performing her own music. “People are always going to have something to say. No matter how hard you worked on what you created, people will always have an opinion. You just have to accept that and be true to you,” she says.

Jaclyn’s day usually begins by waking up, working out, doing vocal warm-ups, and working on music whether it’s at home or in the studio. At just 18 years old, she has a pretty strict schedule for her age, but says, “On the weekends, I try to see my friends as much as I can…” When she’s not working on music, she is typically in the city attending photoshoots, rehearsals, events, and meetings.

When it comes to writing, Jaclyn prefers a quiet area with just her and her piano which helps her concentrate on fitting together the chords, melody, and lyrics on something she’s already written or a brand new tune; no process on any given day is the same for her. “It’s different every time I write and that’s what I love about it…” she says, “…it tells a story, and it’s true to me.” 

From an early age, Jaclyn knew that music was always something she wanted to pursue. When she was around 5 years old while waiting for her sister to get out of soccer practice, she sat on the sidewalk with her father, singing away. Out of nowhere, a woman comes up to her and says, “You’re really good, you should really pursue singing as a career.”

A compliment that Jaclyn took to heart, she started taking up singing lessons and performing where she could. “I always had the thought in my head to do something bigger with my singing than to just sing in the shower or along to the radio, but it did seem a bit far-fetched,” Jaclyn says. “For some complete stranger to come up to me and say that, I must’ve been doing something right.”

Her first live performance was for a singing recital at age 7. It was nerve-wracking to say the least, imagine, performing in front of your peers at just 7! “It was towards the end of the show and I was getting a little impatient,” she says, “I just wanted to go on already.” Despite the nerves, Jaclyn rocked her performance and immediately knew that this was just the beginning of pursuing a career in music.

Fast-forward to today and Jaclyn has begun writing her own material, a pop and R&B blend that she describes as “relatable, soulful, [and] distinct.” With the release of multiple singles, Jaclyn definitely stands out within the industry by combining layers of soulful vocals and unforgettable rhythms and grooves.

“Plain Wall,” “Warehouse,” and “Poet” are amongst her latest singles. “Plain Wall” is about a relationship ending because of a person cheating and inevitably all that’s left is a plain wall. It’s undoubtedly a catchy tune, with an infectious bass and an overall sound that has a distinct Bruno Mars influence, an artist that Jaclyn would love to collaborate with. “I just think he is the most talented person ever,” she says, “I love the type of sound he has. His music isn’t like anything else out there right now.”

“Warehouse,” features an impressive vocal performance, distinct drums that drive the track forward, with an interesting concept at the heart of the lyrics. While sitting on a bus and passing a shoe warehouse store, Jaclyn got the idea to write a song about “storing away what people think of you in a warehouse” as she describes it. Fun fact: “Warehouse” was the first original song Jaclyn ever released.

Last, but not least, Jaclyn’s favorite single to perform is “Poet,” a song about “someone who always says the right things and doesn’t compare to anyone else you’ve been with,” inspired by learning about poetry in her English class. When performed live, the reception of the crowd is incredible and the hook of the chorus (“You’re such a po-po-poet”) is something that the audience really latches onto.

Jaclyn recently signed with Metro 3 Entertainment, a decision she feels confident and excited about. “I always like to work with people who understand my goals and who will help me achieve them,” and continues, “It was a no-brainer to sign with them.”

Jaclyn is currently working on more music and plans to do just single releases for now which will later be a part of an EP. She hopes to achieve her dream of reaching as many people as possible with her music and would love to perform at Madison Square Garden with her biggest fans in the crowd being Bruno Mars or Beyonce. With the type of talent she has, she’s definitely on the right track to achieving that goal.

Jaclyn’s music can be found on her website here.

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