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‘Way Up’ is dubbed as a feeling of emotional escalation to the point where you’re having the ultimate level of fun. When you listen to a track like Icy Lando’s, “Way Up” feat. Sire, it diversely captures the very same vibe it depicts; a club banger that’ll be wildly popular for quite some time. 

Icy Lando is a Kenya raised rapper that has taken his uniquely fun perspective on music to many amassed Pop/Rap fans. Icy Lando was organically a member of the contemporary and traditional Kenyan Boys Choir. It was likely around this time of his career that the Icy Lando brand was beginning to brew together the sounds and perspectives that would launch this Old School Hip-Hop aficionado’s lift into Pop/Rap listener’s ears. In a recent interview with Vents Magazine, when asked how Kenya influenced his sound, the “Way Up” rapper says, “Kenyans love to have fun. And that is what’s in my music and Kenyan music. Fun. I want people to forget all their problems when they listen to my music.” His expressed sentiments were definitely carried over into his latest Pop/Rap Single release, “Way Up.”

The N-Geezy produced “Way Up” features vocals by Australian R&B singer Sire, and pianistically plucks from start to finish in a buoyantly upbeat fashion that certifies the Pop genre brand the song’s sound should have.

Aurally, the vibe on “Way Up” is tonally turned all the way up, by way of N-Geezy’s blistering productions along with Icy’s celebratory expressions articulating while aligning with his perspective on how the ‘Way Up’ lifestyle should be. Lines like, “I don’t need no more shade touching-land on my face,  / want my TMZ in here, I’m goin’ turn up the place… / Run it, run it up, way, way up, all the way up, you can’t play us… / Only shoot threes, we don’t do lay up.” Lyrically these lines correlate with the title of the track, “Way Up” and without a doubt creatively uncoil the life surrounding it.

“‘Way Up’ is a good vibe sexy jam that gets the club turnt up. I grew up idolizing Chris Brown and no one makes bangers like him so my music is a reflection of that. I like having the club turnt and people dancing forgetting their problems,” says Icy Lando.

Icy Lando’s “Way Up” both celebratory and recreational sound make it a listen that probably shouldn’t be taken lightly. With that said, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sonically decorate your nights or social occasions with it. Actually you really should; it’ll likely prove quite effective. 

“I had the pleasure to work with Mike Gonsolin who is a Billboard Hot 100 producer in Los Angeles who has made hits with Rich The Kid and French Montana. Hope you all are vibing to ‘Way Up,'” says Icy.

As a matter of fact, “Way Up” feels like one of those songs that should be played when the night out is fittingly at its highest point. The Pop and Rap genre at times and with good reason can come across more serious by how it’s either mentioned or ultimately intended. Celebrating and presenting songs for Pop as positively as possible is more than just a good take on a new song; it’s likely a way to directionally usher its listeners in a way that could curtail a much needed feel of generational upliftment.

In other words, what if the true brilliance of Icy Lando’s latest release, “Way Up” alters how we allow Pop/Rap to go from darker takes to lighter ones? With the recently untimely departure of Nipsey Hussle as well as other Pop/Rap greats over the years, an upbeat Pop/Rap Single like “Way Up” should get some play with the volume turned all the “way up.”

We’re so pumped to officially premiere the latest club banger from Icy Lando. Listen to “Way Up” below!

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