Review by Jamie Glenn

The cold mountain vibes deep within the highs of Colorado bring us “Hot Apostles,” a crossover hardcore three piece based band. Their newest single titled “Crucify,” is the third single to be released by the band, and offers listeners with thriving-in-your-face grunge looks and gut wrenching guitar riffs.

Hot Apostles came to fruition in 2011 and has been unstoppable since with multiple album releases already under their belt. With a dedicated fanbase, the latest single “Crucify” could call in a number of listeners that are eager to hear their grunge, hard-headed sound.

“Hot Apostles” showcases female frontrunner lead singer Eryn Swissdorf who gives off a mixture of Gwen Stefani and Joan Jett. Within “Crucify” Swissdorf offers her own twist where she demonstrates a political drive for the band by singing, “If we could only come together, imagine what we’d do.”

The music video for this track offers a cold and distorted feeling throughout the track. Especially in moments like “Ever wonder how long we had to grip / This ain’t no over reaction / Over reactin like you want it to / It’s just that good old fashioned / Tire slashing Blade that you once threw.” The videography, instrumentation and song lyrics come together to form the highest point in the track.

“Our style is unique because we don’t approach our songs with a typical ‘sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll’ lyrical format. We place a different message to the good time party sound with blues riffs, funky bass lines and sprinkle in some punk rock energy,” said Hot Apostles guitarist Tay Hamilton.

This track’s political drive is most prevalent in the opening lyrics of the track with, “I know you people love money / But god damn you and your greed / To entertain us with honey / No one can get what they need / I wont be bowing to you no time soon / If we could only come together imagine what we’d do.”

A black and white color aesthetic next to a ghosted X-Ray makes the song look and sound more hardcore as the lead singer digs deep to deliver her notes.

“We recorded ‘Crucify’ at The Keep Recording in Denver, completely live. We wanted a raw, straight forward rock ‘n’ roll song with a live show type of energy… and it is exactly what you would hear at a show,” says Tay Hamilton.

With “Crucify” Hot Apostles is an out of this world female driven-band that we haven’t seen in this modern genre of punk metal for quite some time. This drive to stand out and offer a diverse sound is something that could set this three piece apart from their competition and allow Hot Apostles reach the ears of even more listeners as they define their sound as a creative unit.

Listen to “Crucify” here.

Watch the music video for “Crucify” here.

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