Norway’s biggest band Highasakite are back with the first part of their new mini-album, ‘TheBare Romantic’Part 1, out now via Propeller Recordings.

Following on last year’s dark and brooding third album‘Uranium Heart’, the band – whose record-breaking album ‘Silent Treatment’ spent over two years on the Norwegian Top 40 chart,  whilst their #1 charting successor ‘Camp Echo’– saw them cementing their status as one the most important names in Norwegian music.


The upcoming body of work, preceded by the recently released single ‘Can I Be Forgiven’, has been divided into two parts, with the second half scheduled for release in 2020. Talking about the new project, the band explained; “after the last album’s tour, we knew that we had some additional music we wanted to record, we went back into the studio with the whole band and worked on the songs between the summer festivals. We couldn’t wait to share these songs with the outside world”.

Can I Be Forgiven’, “possibly the best track they’ve laid down,” as described by God is in The TV Zine, serves as the mini album’s opening number, positioning the record in the same kaleidoscope of sound as their previous releases. Subtle changes to their songwriting seem to be focused on more complex arrangements, partly thanks to  the involvement of former Jaga Jazzist and Puma’s guitarist Stian Westerhus, traditional and fiddle composer Sarah-Jane Summers, as well as their regular live band members’ Øystein Moen and Kristoffer Bonsaksen, with the latter also sharing production duties with Highasakite’s member Trond Bersu. 

Having proved themselves to be a tour de force on the live circuit, Highasakite have become a renowned international live act – topping the bills of legendary festivals including headlining Norway’s five biggest festivals; GlastonburyLatitude, Roskilde, and Field Day in Australia, alongside sell-out tours spanning the UK, US, and Australia. The band will be back in the UK to play an intimate show at The Garage in London on 16thApril 2020 – for tickets please visit:

Highasakite have retained their top spot on numerous Nordic charts, with Ingrid Helene Håvik’s alternative approach to pop writing earning multiple Norwegian Grammy Awards and widespread acclaim from the likes of PitchforkNMEMOJOThe Guardian and Vogue. The same year, the band performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, were handpicked by Conan O’Brien to perform on his eponymous talk show and made their USA television debut on Conan in 2017 to perform their single ‘5 Million Miles’

The Bare Romantic’ is a masterful culmination of the last year of Highasakite musical development, drawing together the strength of the band’s unique live performances and influences in what is set to be one of the most captivating releases of the year.