Singer-songwriter Harrison Caldeira continues to chill the summer with another new single, “Silence” out July 19. Written, composed, and produced by Caldeira himself back in 2017, “Silence” merges Caldeira’s indie, acoustic, pop-ish flavor with a zesty top-40, R&B sound.

It’s a slowed-down instrumental, guided by a strong electric guitar riff. Lyrically, the song explores the other side of Harrison Caldeira as an artist with GroundSounds declaring, “It’s a luxurious pop gem with a great vibe and slick polish. Everything about ‘Silence’ is wildly impressive.”

Reflecting on the single Caldeira says, “I wrote ‘Silence’ while I was traveling to Barbados with my father a year ago. I was reminded of the rhythm and soul I grew up with, and I wanted to capture it in my own way. The song is about a guy who really likes this girl, but he’s so different from her, to the point where he’s questioning their differences. At first, he’s very drawn toward this person. But the things he likes about her somehow pull them further apart. He realizes he can only go so far without changing who he actually is.”

This new single proceeds his June release, “Friends With Benefits” – the first song written and composed with a new musical direction in mind. “Friends With Benefits” is a track exploring a busy and energetic sound with a hint of solitude. 

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Harrison Caldeira started creating music in his secluded home amidst his West-Indian family. He released his EP, The Equinox in 2017. The record focused more on an acoustic effort with intensely emotional lyrics praise for “sound[ing] like heartbreak”. Something in the Air declared, “With each song, you can feel the intensity and emotion all the way through. If there had to be one new indie-folk album to listen to on a wintery morning this year, it’d be this one.” Caldeira altered his playing and recording style since his EP – moving to use his electric Hagstrom guitar. 

Currently, Harrison Caldeira is celebrating the release of his new single “Friends With Benefits.” He is now preparing for his single “Silence,” dropping July 19, and will be accompanied by a music video. Be sure to follow Harrison Caldeira on Social Media to stay up-to-date on his new releases.

Influenced by his family’s love of music, his diverse background gave Harrison Caldeira an evolving perspective which shaped his understanding of the world and inspired his writing. From living in New Zealand at a young age to living in France as a young man, crafting songs has grounded Caldeira throughout his life. Caldeira began dabbling with YouTube covers in 2008 and began performing locally. In 2018, Caldeira became a finalist in the Canadian Songwriting Competition as an unsigned artist as well as making the Top 100 for CBC Music’s Searchlight.

In 2011, Caldeira was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After suffering from a relapse that left him without mobility in his hands or feet, he found himself unable to play the guitar. He dropped out of University, moved home, and spent endless days in hospitals trying to regain his strength. But the greatest loss was not having music in his life. Not having the ability to play, Caldeira quickly learned just how important music was to him.

Determined, and by the grace of the universe, he gained feeling in his body again, learned how to play the guitar all over again, and adjusted his lifestyle to come back stronger than ever. After that, he knew he had to pursue music further. 

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