Review by Jamie Glenn

Singer-songwriter Johan Hammenfors of Sweden comes in hot with his first release “Thinking About,” a catchy pop dance track that will have you thinking about all the good things in life. This well-executed track will go down best when listeners are in need of a track to just let loose and have fun!

While this track is heavy with a mindless fun feeling, it also offers a few hints of romantic references that might have listeners doing a double take, lyrics like “I’ve been thinking about love. Do you wanna try something new? Both sipping on wine, getting hit by the pool, oh oh.” Hammenfors makes it clear that this new track is both serious and fun at the same time. Moments in the song like, “I’ve been planning things we can do, drive around in the car, get lost with you,” are where Hammenfors finds a healthy balance between narrative, romance and a seamless sound.

“It’s a feel-good vibe from the begging till the end. The lyrics are inspired by all the things you’re thinking about when your life is just perfect,” says Hammensfor.

In the middle of the track, when the “I can be’s” hit the ears of listeners we hear Hammenfors play with his vocal range, showcasing his ability to be playful while still hitting the mark vocally. This vocal experimentation is best heard at moments like, “Imma be your cure. Will you be there with me? Cause, it’s not what you do, I only want you.”

This track is playful all the way down to the album art for the track. The art showcases a Hammenfors wearing an exotic floral suit alongside a relaxed doodled-style sun and palm tree, giving listeners the chance to see the relaxed pop vibe that Hammenfors is about to hit them with way before the opening whistle of the track.

Hammenfors has found a pretty healthy balance between lyrical complexity and fun-spirited instrumentation that will help him navigate the challenging world of pop music. Especially with a perfect balance between an “American Authors” lyrical delivery and a “Neon Trees” instrumentation. “Thinking About “ might remind listeners of tracks like “Stay Awake” or “Stupid For You” by Waterparks or “Loud Magic” by Foreign Air. Let’s not forget though, Hammenfors has his own form and style, as his career progresses he’ll figure out how he can best capture the music industry on his terms.  So, if Hammenfors isn’t in your queue for some pick up music with good vibes, he should be, “Thinking About” is a fun jam to put you in a good mood.

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