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There’s authenticity at the heart of creativity. It’s always there, yet rarely is it accented or magnified on its way to being complete. I’ve always been fascinated by the paths of artists that make the art I appreciate. If we can all agree that music is a form of art, then in some way, we can fathom the processes it takes to make music. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to hear a singer that’s entwined in the process of crafting songs to where their sounds surreal are magical & their talent is undeniable. That’s what I felt when listening to Halle Dot’s debut Alternative R&B Single, “Love Sync.”

“I didn’t want to just write about feeling smitten and in love, I wanted to write about the process. Many people struggle with trust issues and find it difficult to let their guard down, no one wants to get hurt. You know, you find someone you think is amazing, but then doubt creeps in because you’re suddenly thinking they must be too good to be true, and when you get past that often you can sometimes doubt yourself because you don’t feel good enough or because you may come with too much baggage, and that can lead to self-sabotage. I wanted to tap into the real emotions we go through, and show the side where sometimes it’s not always just fairytales and butterflies. It actually takes a lot of courage to allow yourself to fall in love.”

Halle Dot is an Australian R&B singer and songwriter with an impressive list of influences that include Sabrina Claudio, 6lack, and Grammy Winners, Ella Mai & H.E.R. Halle is what you’d call a student of the art-form, as she has dabbled in everything from sound engineering to DJ-ing, before settling into crafting her own craft. Her sound employs a hypnotic blend of R&B vibes with Electronica nuances, melodically annotated to her own personal life ‘therapy sessions. ’Halle Dot’s debut Single “Love Sync” can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. 

Synth-Pop artist, Halle Dot, laces dreamy soul dictions that detail the who, what, and how of seduction in Halle’s world. From the arranging to the writing, and all levels of production, Halle has sonically heralded the elements of both an erotic R&B trip and perhaps even a new sound. Her fears, perceptions, and unveiled projections are on vivid display in Halle’s writing when it comes to “Love Sync.” The refrain’s lyrics, “There I go again, over analyzing again, / I swear I’ve been here…let your ‘love sync’ in,”, and my stanza of choice, “One sip and I’m drunk on your love…/ don’t touch, I’m like a drug,” detail a daring, openness and vulnerability in songwriting that demands acclaim.

“Love Sync is about the process of falling in love, and the hurdles you have to deal with such as self-doubt, fear and trust. With the hard-hitting R&B production and fierce soulful vocals, it takes you on a roller coaster like journey filled with emotion.”

– Halle Dot

Until Halle Dot’s new single, “Love Sync,” I have never been keen on Australian R&B, but you kinda have to now. Waves are always created by movement, and that is exactly what seems to be going on with this genre.

No disrespect to Billy Davis, Milan Ring and a host of other artists doin’ their thing in the name of R&B in Australia (for the record there’s quite a bit). There’s always a first for everything we embark on, as is with this heatwave of Australian R&B.

In this latest single, Halle Dot seems to have put in her time and the leg work. Along with harnessing the skills, timing is likely Halle Dot’s most winning asset on “Love Sync.” If you can find time to dive past some ‘clever-courtin’ swag for the mind’s ears, you’ll hear the sincerity of an artist. To me, the masterfully tailored sincerity of her debut. is a sure-fire signal that we can expect heat this Summer and hopefully for seasons to come from Halle Dot.

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