Summer solstice is the theme Grimm Lynn envisioned during the initial stages of recording PRAGMA. This project is based on love and his favorite season of the year. Grimm Lynn felt June 21 would be the perfect day to release his debut project. With this release, he aims to propel the trend of Neo-Soul, believing it is a necessity for the nurturing of one’s heart and soul.

PRAGMA is defined as a love that develops over a long period of time. This kind of love relies on the wholehearted commitment of each partner and their ability to understand, compromise, and tolerate the ups and downs they face together throughout their journey in life. Pragmatic Love is referred to as “standing in love” rather than “falling in love” because it grows over time.

Grimm Lynn finds a connection between love and summer, because of the emotional attributes and the mutual feelings experienced with each. His objective for this album, other than hoping to capture the ears of new listeners while continuing to supply his current fan base with more groovy melodies & harmonizing vocals, is to transport you back to your fondest summer memories and prepare you for the new experiences to come.

Evan Berry, Producer and long-time collaborator with Grimm Lynn, stated, “He has recently stepped outside of his usual creative space of writing his own songs, to collaborate with other artists, whether he is providing a verse or vocals, co-producing records or simply writing for other artists. This is all being done while Grimm is in school full time and working as well.” Evan has produced the majority of the songs on this project and has worked alongside Grimm Lynn from the beginning.

For his first single of 2018, Grimm Lynn introduced a new sound to his audience and confirmed that he was fully invested in bringing back stability to love and its expressionism in music by blending Neo-Soul melodies and harmonizing vocals over smooth R&B productions. Debuting ‘Get 2 U’ was only the start of Grimm Lynn’s vision to provide his audience with intimate sound waves that remind them of the most organic and pure emotion there is – LOVE.

He has built a strong following on the home front, performing at a handful of shows (Blue Summers Series & Stash Room series), creating a strong buzz, which landed him a feature in the VoyageATL ‘Inspiring Stories’ series. This series focused on finding hidden gem artists from around the Greater Atlanta Metro area and sharing the story behind their craft.

The Q & A portion gives you a deeper look into Grimm’s life and the influences that helped shape his interest in music, sparks his creativity, and propels him further. Grimm Lynn’s ability to connect with his audience will elevate his sound toward the masses.

His message will continue to emphasize the importance of LOVE.