Following on from the release of her debut single “The Line” last year Iranian musician and multi-instrumentalist Gola is unleashing her second single “Now You Know” this month. Already receiving acclaim from the likes of i-D, The Times, HUNGER and tmrw for her defiant stance, “Now You Know” continues to spread her powerful message of empowerment, in a time when it is needed most.

The battle for equality continues to be one of the most important conversations being had in the media today, with women’s rights being threatened around the world on a near daily basis. It is a fight though that Gola is all too familiar with; the musician lives in exile in London, forced to leave Iran where it is a punishable offence for a woman to sing or dance in public, an act that would have ended her career before it had even begun. 

“Now You Know” is the continuation of Gola’s journey to freedom, a hypnotic R&B tinged track with a powerful message that speaks to Gola’s mission of fighting oppression through music. “I believe any artist’s journey is an evolution of who they are,” she says. “You keep growing and you hope that you move towards a better pasture. That is how I feel about “Now You Know”. This song is about my life and the moment when I finally realised that I do not need anyone or any authority to govern my own life. I am powerful enough to make decisions on my own. I want my listeners to feel their power and to understand that they should not let anyone control their life or their body.”

Gola’s belief in our right to choose stretches to religion too, owing her sense of freedom to an early life marred by oppression. “I believe we must have freedom of choice when choosing our religion,” she says. “No one should ever be pushed towards a religion, it has the opposite effect in life. My dream is that people are not forced towards any particular religion. Let them be, let them choose.”

And these messages are resonating with Gola’s fans worldwide—the artist has received affirmation from women from China to Africa to Saudi Arabia, as well as of course her native Iran. “By sharing my journey I want to make sure every female on this planet knows the greatness within her,” she says. “I want them to know that they need to be fearless and break down the walls around them that have been created by the previous generations. No matter where and when we live, there are always rules that need to be changed. Be the one who makes the difference. And never wait for anyone to give you your right. You already own it.”