It has been only a little bit more than two months since Greta (GJan) released her latest single “Confidence” and now she’s sharing her latest single „Clothes Off“. “This song is by no means about sexuality. It’s a song about accepting your true self, encouraging to take off all your “fake” clothes, and let people see who you really are. It doesn’t matter if those “clothes” are mental or physical, people shouldn’t wear it. I’ve also been trapped in this nightmare, but the more I understand how fake it is, the more happy I am.”

Check Out The Official Music Video For “Clothes Off”

Last year for the singer was a real adventure – she went fully independent again, released 2 songs in her native Lithuanian language, 2 songs in English and already working on her next studio album. “I found a way to love music again, and I’m insanely grateful for that. I hope people can feel it in my new songs.”

This 23-year-old Lithuanian pop sensation made one of the most impressive indie debuts in the country’s history, when the video for her self-released “Not Afraid” single exploded on YouTube to the tune of over 4 Million views. During the next 18 months, GJan released three follow-up singles/videos, all of which hit 7-figure view counts and kept her star on the rise.

In April of 2015, just days before her 20th birthday, GJan released her fourth single (“Nobody Around”).  In 2016 GJan signed with Romania-based, Global Records. A short stint on this young, dynamic label yielded the release of her first LP (Do It), which included two more Top 10 singles (“Wild” & “Wasn’t Easy”).