2019 has been a banner year for indie-pop newcomer Gavin Haley. He released his debut EP, Long Gameto rave reviews,and completed a North American tour opening for Ashe. Today, Haley shares an acoustic version of his EP title track, “Long Game.” With just his guitar and vocals to rely on, Haley’s acoustic rendition of “Long Game” highlights the intimacy of his lyricism and his ability to tell universally relatable stories through his songs.Listen to “Long Game (Acoustic)” here.

Gavin Haley’s life journey has been anything but traditional. Before he uncovered his love for music, Haley had his sights set on a career in cycling. At age 16, he moved to Europe as part of the US national cycling team. He made the top 3 by age 17, and became the youngest signed US cyclist by age 18. Shortly after turning pro, Haley got into a bike crash that forced him to step aside from cycling and reexamine his professional path. Stranded in Europe, he began to explore the underground music scene, falling in love with a variety of different sounds and the way they can make you feel. Once recovered from his cycling crash, Haley relocated to Los Angeles where he began to record and release his own music.

Informed by his clear-eyed musings on human interaction, the 22-year-old singer and songwriter bring a genre-bending approach to pop. He pairs a plethora of contemporary influences with introspective lyrics, crafting sonic narratives that feel accessible at all levels. Despite his own personal roadblocks and hardships, Haley strives to make music that, as he puts it, “makes you feel good.”