FKA Ivan and Nimen are singers and producers of Spilamberto, Modena. Respectively of Russian and Romanian origin. They mix trap, the witch-house and the dream-pop.

Inspired by their small city and the routine present in it, during the summer of 2018 begin to compose their new album “MOONSAW”, trying to describe and at the same time take a break, or rather, exercise the reality that surrounds them. Released on October 27th, “Moonsaw” is presented as a follow-up to their previous work “Messdeu”, both available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp and Tidal.

Presentation of “Moonsaw”

“Moonsaw” is the fourth studio work by FKA Ivan and Nimen, an album with dark trap sonorities, mixed with electronic influences, witch-house and dream-pop. It is an album with refined sounds that describes a dark reality, past experiences, apathy and mood swings, which both artists live on a daily basis.

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