FIONA, a Greek-German singer and composer, has released her first single, “FREE” – a project featuring her own music, and lyrics by drummer and composer Albert Panagiotopoulos. The song is a hymn to individual freedom and expression.

This is the first time Fiona has joined forces with acclaimed composer/producer Nikos Antypas – also a drummer and former member of the Greek rock band Socrates Drank the Conium. Antypas, known for his very successful collaborations with some of the greatest artists in Greek and international music, including Haris Alexiou, Alkistis Protopsalti, Sting etc., has made the musical arrangement and production of the single, released by Cultural Action / EMSE.

The song is available on all online platforms and so is the brand new video clip (check it out here), filmed entirely in London by filmmaker Michael Boccalini and the art direction by the photographer George Alexandrakis.

Special thanks go to the Swedish director and BAFTA award winner Jonas Grimas (BBC, ITV, CVT, Kanal4) for his friendly participation.

Over the past few years, FIONA has been sharing her life between Athens and London. She is a performer with studies in classical singing and a 15-year old career in opera, who has been greatly influenced by her distinctive love for the blues-rock-soul international scene.

With the air of a London-based rock diva, she leaves her opera days behind to become a rebel in search of her individual freedom of expression. FIONA is not afraid to break her image; through her performance, she reminds us that we are constantly reaching towards our own truth and freedom.

Listen To “Free” Here.

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  • Music: FIONA | Lyrics: Albert Panagiotopoulos
  • Arrangement and Production: Nikos Antypas
  • Video clip filmed by film maker Michael Boccalini – OLOF Media.
  • Art Direction by Photographer George Alexandrakis – GATA Creatives.
  • CD Single Cover photo: George Alexandrakis
  • Vocals: FIONA, Francesca Xagoraris
  • Mixed & mastered at Studio Pro-216 by Lakis Halkiopoulos.
  • Lead vocals recorded at Odeon Studio. Sound engineer: Ilias Lakkas.
  • Athens –  London 2018


Youtube “FREE” official video clip: