It’s official the FF5 duo has released the official lyric video for their latest single “Fire On the Highway.” The track was featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist and garnered over 200K streams in its first 10 days. The twin brothers also released their highly anticipated EP EL COMPADRE earlier this month!

The song “Fire on the Highway” came to life while FF5 were loitering a casino parking lot in Reno, crafting some distorted vocal samples with the help of a MIDI controller. “We were messing around with this sample and the song just went off into a totally different place that made it so much stronger,” he says, noting that the track was partly inspired by ’80s dance-pop duo Nu Shooz. “That’s one of the coolest things about us having vastly different ideas and personalities—when we work together, things end up going into these exciting directions we’d never get to on our own.”

Delivered in Jacob’s soulful vocals, “Fire on the Highway” perfectly embodies FF5’s joie de vivre. “The song’s about when you first get your license and finally have that freedom to go out and drive all night long,” says Jacob. “It’s about being carefree and living in the moment, rolling down the windows and blasting your favorite music.”

Watch the official lyric video here.

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