Showcasing their resilience and fortitude, Vancouver’s Fake Shark return with the release of their new harrowing anthem “Invincible”, available to stream everywhere today via Light Organ Records. This release marks the beginning of new music for the group, following their 2018 release of Walking Through a Fantasy.


Opening with a sense of urgency between the pulsing keys and beating drum, “Invincible” is a battlecry anthem for anyone persevering through the obstacles of life to come out the other side and achieve their dreams. It’s a reminder that anything you set your mind to is achievable and can be felt in the impassioned vocal performance by lead singer Kevvy.

On the new track, Kevvy shares: “Invincible is a song about survival. It’s about how much there is to survive to continue following your passion, without being deterred or derailed. We’ve been through so much together, and we’re still here and we’re not going anywhere because we’ve only just scratched the surface of our potential, and the same could be said of the Soska Sisters, who are directing the upcoming music video. We’ve all been to hell and back together, been hit with everything this industry can throw at us and we keep coming back.

Fake Shark steamrolled into 2018 with Walking Through a Fantasy‘s lead single “Wake Up” (ft. Vancouver darlings Fionn), which garnered over 140K Spotify streams and 20K video views, as well as earning its place as a mainstay in rock radio – peaking in the Top 20 and being added to top rock stations such as 102.1 the Edge in Toronto. With their single “Feel Alive” being quoted as “built on one of the best hooks of 2018,” Fake Shark have continued to release dancey bops that listeners adore. The band launched into international acclaim with their Faux Real (2017) hit single “Cheap Thrills” (earning over 290K streams), introducing their new art-punk inspired sound and unique and energizing live performances. This mainstream appeal has recently been no- ticed in licensing opportunities with features in a North American Apple advertisement, the MTV’s Catfish and CBS’ Love Island. Continuing within the indie pop sound, Fake Shark’s upcoming release Invincible is the result of the band’s musical chemistry reaching new heights. With this latest step in their career, they’ve learned to harness that anything-goes energy in order to deliver the catchiest songs possible. 

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