A stellar writer in his own right, FadeTheBlackk shows off an immense amount of flair with his latest release “Successful”. The New York rapper is wasting no time this fall releasing hit after hit like a factory at this point.

A stellar soul vocal sample meshes into the background of the beat to provide some character to an already well-assembled product. The drums sound crisp as can be and the brass practically jumps out of your headphones with every hit.

Meanwhile, FadeTheBlackk takes on the role of the first verse as he explains how people are willing to “fit this mold just to become a little more successful”.

People are in turn filled with “insecurities and shattered dreams” because of the price they paid to reach an idolized and inaccurate version of success the public at large has determined. Love is the only answer in his eyes; the love of one another and the passion you feel towards your work is the only way to overcome this predestined path of destruction. A truly soothing hook is delivered by James Scott urging the listener that there is “no time to waste” when in search of love, and b*star drives home this point as well with an equally impressive feature verse.

FadeTheBlackk comes fresh off the release of his previous record entitled “Time Flies”, and is set to release yet another track in the coming weeks!

Listen to “Successful” here.