CREDIT: Nathan Rogers

Inspired by an urban legend, Indianapolis metalcore band ExitWounds have shared their latest single and music video “Divide” via Sharptone Records.

The song is about the legend of Edward Mordrake, the man with two faces. A young, intelligent, and good-looking English nobleman who had everything one could ask for from life. With all these great blessings, however, came a terrible curse. In addition to his handsome, normal face, Mordake possessed a terrifying disfigurement: another face on the back of his head.

This second face had eyes and a mouth, but could not see, hear, or speak out loud. It was said that the face would sneer while Mordrake was happy and smile while he was weeping. Edward Mordrake was constantly plagued by his “devil twin,” which kept him up all night whispering “such things as they only speak of in hell.” According to the legend, the face muttering things in his ear constantly drove Mordrake insane and he committed suicide at the age of 23.

One thing that’s not an urban legend, “Divide” is an enormous track with heavy riffs and melodic vocals. The track has an overall sinister sound that pairs well with the video’s eerie location and aesthetics.

Listen to “Divide” on Spotify.