Review by Emily Smith

Expressing one’s sexuality is not necessarily a new thing in music – you’ve probably heard a handful of songs about that kind of desire on pop radio. Many musicians express this rather subtly, likely to get more radio play or to build up the tension in the song. In her latest single “Let Me Hit It,” British singer- songwriter Etta Bond approaches this expression of sexuality in a more direct way, creating an exciting and memorable track.

“How many times have you pictured me naked?” Bond lustfully sings. From this blunt first lyric of the track, Bond immediately showcases what she wants. She is very explicit throughout the song about her desire and wanting the other person. This is especially apparent in lyrics like “’Cause I’ve been suppressing my feelings/ But each day they grow and I mean it.” If this desire has been building up for a long time, it would only make sense for her to have it pour out in this song in such an explicit way. Otherwise it wouldn’t seem genuine. To emphasize her desire further, she repeats the titular lyric during the chorus: “When you gonna let me hit it?/ When you gonna let me hit it?”

The instrumentation also feeds into the sensual nature of the song. In the beginning of the track, before the vocals come in, the beat resembles a quick heartbeat. This is also featured during transitions between different parts of the song. The track overall has a sensual, slow vibe. The R&B style beat slows down during the verses and the backing instrumentation provides a collected atmosphere. It’s a nice contrast against the quick rhymes in the chorus, putting emphasis on Bond’s lyrics above everything else.

The overall atmosphere of the song is also due to the sensuality that oozes from Bond’s voice. The harmonies that surround certain lyrics and wrap around her voice, add something calming to the track and emphasize the feelings she has for the person she’s singing about.

Besides the way she sings, certain lyrics particularly emphasize her feelings. Lyrics such as, “You smell so good/ Tell me why I feel so safe here in your embrace” show the affectionate relationship she has with this person.

Etta Bond’s sultry new single “Let Me Hit It,” is not only honest, but unapologetic. We have no doubt that we’ll be seeing this one on the top of the charts soon.

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