Los Angeles-based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan Gruska releases a new track and video “Event Horizon” from his highly anticipated second solo album, En Garde, the follow up to his acclaimed 2017 solo debut SLOWMOTIONARY. En Garde showcases the more playful with an exotic depth of sonic possibilities and is set for release on January 24, 2020 via Warner Records. The video for “Event Horizon” was filmed in Wyoming and directed by Danica Arias Kleinknechtwho also directed Ethan’s previous video, “On The Outside.” 

Click here to view and share “Event Horizon.”

Ethan explains, “’Event Horizon’ is probably my favorite on the record. My wife is a Kurt Vonnegut Jr. fan and told me to read Sirens of Titan; that sci-fi influence is in the song. It’s also my homage to more jazz-influenced hip-hop like Kendrick Lamar, one of my favorite current artists. It’s about being in a room with someone and not being able to put your finger on what they’re thinking, and the relationship between that and an event horizon, this pull where nothing can ever get out as what it really is. And yes, I know it’s also a movie from the ’90s; I looked at the DVD cover while making the song and decided I will never watch it. But I honor it.”

Recently, Ethan demonstrated how “Event Horizon” was recorded. Click here to view and share the “Event Horizon – In The Studio” video.      

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