Review by Giovanna Citro

Emma Rowe, 25-year-old singer/songwriter has recently released her latest single “Lioness.” This particular track brings back a true sound of rock that’s filled with a wide range of emotions, forcing the listener to feel her words.

The song begins with the faint sound of the acoustic guitar and Emma’s soft vocals that lure the listener in. However, 30 seconds into the track the listener is immediately blown away as Emma lets her powerful voice break free. Emma’s voice is authentic and incredibly distinctive as she goes from a soft, gentle sound to a powerful rock and roll range. Her voice is undeniably beautiful, and that alone leaves the listener in awe.

“Lioness is a song of lust and metaphors. It is the product of being awestruck by a luminous human, listening to a lot of rock ‘n’ roll, and watching a lot of David Attenborough (who is also a good example of a luminous human),” says Emma.

The lyrics are extremely satisfying in that they force the listener to feel and understand her emotions. One line reads “One day I will pounce on you and rip under your skin/and one day you will let me in.” A love song conveyed achingly and powerfully. Emma sings, “Lioness I confess you ought to be a treasure chest because I do not want to rest/ Lioness I think of only you.” She truly has an ability for capturing her deepest emotions through her lyrics, which draws the listener in even more, forcing them to see the world through her eyes, yet making the realization that they can relate to her. For example, when Emma sings, “The way you stare it’s not fair/I want to know you too” it forces the listener to make connections to their own emotions and their own lives.

The upbeat instrumentals keep the listener engaged throughout the entirety of the song and the chorus brings out the full sound of the band, as the instrumentals get more and more intense. This is a song that, if played at full volume, will blow your mind. Emma’s staggering vocals are complemented by the intensity of the electric guitar and drums, giving the song a true rock and roll ambiance.

“Lioness” brings back the hardcore sound of pure rock and roll. This track is one that could undoubtedly become an anthem, as it is catchy as well as intense, and keeps the listener on their toes throughout the entirety of the song.

Fun fact: The song and video for Lioness was written, recorded, and filmed in Adelaide, Australia!

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