Write Up By Ashley Friedman

Eleanor Kingston is blinded by love in her latest single “Problematic,” where she sings about falling so hard for someone that you just want to believe everything they say, even if it’s no good.

The song has a very EDM feel in spots, but is complimented with a variety of guitar riffs, and drum beats. The mashup of instruments gives it a pop-rock feel. The occasional finger snap in the background adds that extra flair to keep the listener’s attention.

Lyrics like, “Say not to worry, just give it time” and “I don’t care baby, just get away” show that Eleanor is frustrated with the current state of her relationship. The overall vibe of the lyrics are almost like that I hate you, I love you feeling where you keep getting dragged into the same old, same old and you fall for it every. single. time.

If you’ve ever gone a little bit crazy because of something that somebody did to you, this record is for you,” says Eleanor.

Before the main chorus hits, we’re introduced to the verse, “Cause I’m falling deeper and deeper/ down into your lies/ when you leave to come back just to linger/ I’m first to run every time…” which describes a love that is one-sided and unfortunately, not in Eleanor’s favor. “Tendencies like the wild night/ don’t tell me you’ll never ever leave again/ or that she’s not just a friend” lead into the chorus where Eleanor continues to describe the push and pull of the relationship, ending with lyrics “I can’t even breath/ because you’re making me so problematic.”

The idea behind the word “Problematic” is when you don’t want to do any actual thinking about what a problem is or why it exists, making it the perfect title for this song. On one end, you’ve got Eleanor who is completely love-struck by a person that she knows is no good for her, but she doesn’t want to completely address it.

“Problematic” takes blinded by love to a whole new level. It perfectly describes that feeling when you love someone so much that…

  1. You believe anything they tell you.
  2. You’re afraid to not believe anything because you would be breaking your own heart.

The imagery and silent visualizations throughout the lyrics allow the listener to effortlessly put themselves in Eleanor’s situation. Unlike her previous single, “Highway” that was driven towards the physicality of a relationship, this latest piece delves into the emotional side of love and it’s flawless.

Eleanor has that edgy pop vibe; she is like that badass girl that knows her worth and isn’t afraid to say it how it is. Check out Eleanor’s latest single “Problematic” here.

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