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Effortlessly weaving in elements of pop and rock into one distinct track, indie-pop music artist Eleanor Kingston releases her latest single “Highway,” an honest track that tackles the more physical moments with a partner. The song takes on a sharper perspective of love than most artists on pop radio nowadays.

At first listen, the listener immediately gets a sense of how well Kingston intertwines indie-rock and hard-hitting pop into this track. The beginning of the song kicks off with dizzying electronic instrumentation that swiftly transitions into the verse, which is led mainly by guitar-driven rock instrumentation. This transition is surprisingly smooth and serves as a precursor for the type of instrumentation that dominates the chorus.

“In ‘Highway,’ I accepted my love for the thrill of modern day teenage romance, while also metaphorically depicting the immense issues with it. I recognized the beauty and happiness of those relationships while also making an underlying commentary on their toxicity,” says Eleanor.

Instrumentation during the chorus still mostly leans on rock instrumentation, yet it is fused together with some pop instrumentation and melodic components of pop. The beat is especially influenced by pop and provides a catchiness to the song that wasn’t as present in the first verse. Towards the end of the song, pop elements are especially prominent with its surging electronic instrumentation, keyboards, and pounding beat. Overall, the track skillfully balances elements of rock and pop.

The bridge is one of the most interesting parts of the track. It’s a slower, quieter moment in the song as only remnants of the instrumentation are presented, leaving the focus on the beat and echoes of past lyrics. Before transitioning to the instrumentally lush closing, the bridge ends with the sound of an engine revving. Overall, this part is an attention-grabbing break in the song.

“My producer and I worked on crafting calm melodies, almost as if you’re driving on a highway, to juxtapose the rapid thought process of participating in something that hurts both you and the people around you,” comments Eleanor.

The track’s lyrics heavily reference cars, roads, and of course, highways. These are compared to bodies and a physical connection. This is apparent in lyrics like “Take a drive with me/ Down the fast lane of my body” in the chorus. The track deals with wanting to keep an interaction physical and disregarding much of the emotional aspect, which is highlighted in the lyrics “Don’t waste my time talking ’bout how much you love me.” This attitude is shown several times throughout the song, especially in the repetition of the lyrics “Don’t wanna find out you’re trying to get through to my brain.” Many pop songs nowadays involve intense emotions and even more intense relationships, making the meaning of this track especially stand out amongst the crowd as it emphasizes the physicality of a relationship.

For those looking for a unique track that is able to blend elements of rock and indie-pop, Eleanor Kingston’s latest single is definitely something to listen to.

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