NASHVILLE, Tennessee— “ELA Lindsey debuts with ‘Healing Me Slow,’ an incredible and gritty pop track that should put her on the radar of anyone with a good ear to the ground,” We Found New Music’s Nate Flaks wrote on Thursday. “This song is seriously awesome and floored me the first time I heard it. [Her] voice is gentle and innocent in the verses, yet intense and haunting when layered in chorus. The production is unique and ambitious with a metallic ringing that helps build energy in a perfectly disquieting way. [She’s] not afraid to utilize silence and space in a way that’s seriously refreshing. Pockets of silence in the verses and dropped percussion layers in the chorus keep me completely hooked and keeps my focus exactly where she wants it… I have no doubt this song will draw eyes and ears to ELA Lindsey’s dark new sound.”

The LA-based indie pop blog premiered the soulful, synth-drenched track yesterday, marking the release of the Nashville singer-songwriter’s debut artist project.

“I didn’t realize it at the time I wrote it, but ‘Healing Me Slow‘ pretty much sums up my life,” she told WFNM. “Because I had a traumatic childhood, and I’m human, I spent many years closed off, bitter, and hurt. I had to learn to open up, pursue healing for myself, and forgive. I feel more like myself now than I’ve ever felt. Healing can sometimes be quick, but for me, it’s taken time and that’s ok. Love heals, and that’s what this song is about.”

The 29-year-old artist only recently discovered her passion for music just a few short years ago, after relocating from her hometown of Jupiter, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee. By releasing this new single, she hopes to inspire other women that might be starting their artistic journeys later than the typical industry standard usually allows for female pop stars.

“Age is just a number. Following my passion now, I hope that I can contribute something mature, pure, and full of energy… and maybe encourage everyone else discovering their dreams later in life that we’re not lost,” she explains. “I was a girl who didn’t believe in herself growing up and never had a dream before, and now I’m putting myself out there. Passion still matters, and you’ll find your way.”

“Healing Me Slow” is streaming now via SoundCloudSpotifyApple Music, and Google Play.

ELA Lindsey will play Housequake’s Wonder Women showcase with Chelsea LankesAnna Mae, and Kellie Besch on May 24th at The High Watt in Nashville, TN. The show is 18+ and $8 tickets may be purchased online or at the venue. Guest list spots are limited. Please contact us for more info.

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