Italian singer-songwriter, Edo Ferragamo, releases his new live-in-studio version of his latest single “Justice,” the third release from his upcoming album, The Edo Ferragamo Project – out February 2020.

With “Justice” Edo Ferragamo explores the emotions behind a long-distance relationship through this sexy, stirring and atmospheric track. “Justice’s” paired-down composition, electronic influences, and slower tempo makes this release stand apart from his previous two singles, “Common People” and “That’s the Way”.

Reflecting on the creation of “Justice”, Edo Ferragamo says, “This song has been 3 years in the making. It was born in a very challenging personal moment when a lot was changing in my life. But the melody, vibe and lyrics have evolved into  a track that is even more meaningful for me today and something that I hope all of my fans can relate to.”

Edo Ferragamo introduces the behind-the-scenes creation of electrifying track with “Justice”, including the collaboration between him and rapper Cayenne NoLuck. Check it out now and stay tuned for new music releases coming soon.

Listen to “Justice” (Live in Studio) here