With their first television debut on England’s popular late show, Jools Holland, behind them, UK band Easy Life has set some pretty high expectations for themselves. They may be up and comers, but they’ve got an underground talent that, once it completely surfaces, will destroy the charts, just give it time.

The band is steadily making their way around parts of Europe as well as showing love to the U.S. with occasional pit stops headlining in NYC or performing at festivals like Coachella. It’s at Coachella 2019, that I had the chance to interview the band about their latest music, touring life, most memorable moments, advice for up and comers and more.

It was their first time in California and it was hot. The band jokes that the air-conditioned trailer we sat in was by far the best part, but then goes on to describe a few of their favorite moments. Jordan, who handles percussion, keys and backing vocals for the band said, “The people are cool… everyone is just so open and so energetic and positive. It’s a good vibe.” Other members touch on the lavish landscaping and landmarks like the “Hollywood” sign situated on Mount Lee. Despite the heat, the band showed no signs of fatigue during their Coachella performances, where they played some of their favorites like “Sunday” and “Wet Weekend.” “We had to just turn it on the moment we got on stage,” said Lead Vocalist, Murray, “but I think we’ve played enough together to find that quite easy.”

The music scene in the U.S. vs. the U.K. is fairly different. “I think the quality of the music out here is a bit better…” says Louis, guitarist for Easy Life. “I think if you do well in Cali, you’re going to probably do well in the rest of the world.” Sam, the band’s bassist & saxophonist, chimes in, “I think there’s such a high concentration of talent that only the best get heard out here, you’ve really got to raise your game to get noticed.”

Their lyrics are catchy, poetic really. It’s almost like Murray has tapped into a Macklemore-style of lyricism with a UK touch; Each verse is unique and by the end of the song, you realize you’ve listened to an entire story. “I usually come up with the lyrical concept,” says Murray, “then all the sonics and verses will reflect it the lyrics.”

When asked when he started writing, Murray starts to tell me, “A long time ago when I was a young whippersnapper…” then Sam interrupts with, “A young boy working on the farm, he didn’t have many pleasures in life picking potatoes and plucking turkeys.” Everyone laughs and Murray continues, “I’ve been doing it forever really. We [all] have been making music forever since we were kids.”

The band admits that choosing a “favorite” song that they have written is tough.“…we can’t choose between our babies like that, it’s difficult,” says Murray. “We like them all equally. Okay lads?” he asks as he looks around at the other band members. As for the hardest song to write so far? Cass, drummer for Easy Life, was quick to respond with, “The one that’s not yet written.” Yes Cass, I will always remember that!

‘What’s your biggest ‘oh shit’ moment so far?’ I ask. “When we got Coachella, we were a bit like ‘oh shit.’ It was mental [and] was definitely the most nerve-wracking experience of my life,” says Murray. “It’s like gradually as we progress there are ‘oh shit’ moments along the way.” Cass then chimes in and mentions the Jools Holland performance, “everyone we knew watched it.”

Coming up to a tour, the band practices quite a bit beforehand and says that they’ll be in the practice room everyday. “But then there are other times when we might be in the studio and we haven’t practiced for a couple of weeks or something,” admits Murray, “it varies really with what we are doing.”

The biggest lesson so far from being in the industry? Cass tries to put the pressure on Jordan for words of wisdom and says, “Jordan is the longest guy in the band.” Sam quickly chimes in, “…make the most of the people around you and the places you’re in [and] always be 15 minutes early.” The band members then go into a story about their tour manager who will purposely tell them something starts at 11:30, but it actually means 12. “But now we know this and it’s like, when does it stop?” says Murray.

Although their “I made it moment” will continuously change, as Louis puts it, the band is “doing what [they] love.” Of course, amongst those moments, a dream collaboration with the likes of Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, the late Michael Jackson or even Barbara Streisand is pretty high on the totem pole. “When we get a Grammy…” Murray adds, “When we are there, that would be it.”

By just being in the presence of the band, I don’t think they know just how far they will go; It’s not that they don’t exude confidence, you can tell by the way that they perform that they have it together and are “comfortable.” They’re just so down to earth, positive, humble and seem to enjoy always enjoying whatever moment they’re in, they’re the kind of musicians you wish you could interview all the time. “We’re going to come to Buffalo and eat wings,” Murray says. For those who don’t know, Elicit Magazine is based out of Buffalo, NY. Until then, the U.S. will see Easy Life performing at places like Hangout Festival, Boston Calling and The Governors Ball.

Last, but not least, despite being up and comers themselves, the band’s advice for others trying to make it in the industry: “You do you. Write for yourself,” says Sam. “If you write music you love, people respect that and enjoy it.”

Be sure to check out the latest music from the band, including their recently dropped singles, “Houseplants” and “Spaghetti Hoops.”

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Written by Ashley Friedman