Review by Jamie Glenn

New York singer-songwriter, Dylan Emmet, returns with his newest single “Too Far Gone” a futuristic, electro track full of longing emotion that looks for the brighter side of love. The electric tones that hold this song up have a very heavy space wave vibe that will have listeners ready to rocketship off to the planet of love.

“I grew up listening to a lot of Elliott Smith. His songs were so powerful lyrically and were allowed to shine because of the utterly minimal production,” says Dylan. “My goal with ‘Too Far Gone’ was to mix that minimalistic singer/songwriter approach with modern electronic techniques to allow that same raw feeling to come through like in those Elliott Records.”

Lyrical moments early on in the track set a tone of lust and loss for listeners, “My heart has been breaking in phases, Going through the motions cause I feel paralyzed, it’s too hard to face, you know you’re still my best friend. Don’t know if I should leave or wipe the tears from your eyes.”

Dylan brings listeners along through an emotional, yet paralyzing moment in any relationship, where all you have left to ask yourself is, should I stay or should I go? Emmet does a wonderful job of capturing how painful that particular question is within this song.

“I wrote ‘Too Far Gone’ about breaking up with a girl I still loved. With this song, I wanted to try and capture the feeling I had when I realized our relationship had run its course and that there was no way around breaking her heart. All that pain and confusion I felt because of how much I still cared about her just poured into this,” says Dylan.

The spacey vibe layered throughout the backdrop of the track brings some balance to the song and a bit of an upbeat feel to such a somber topic. Emmet’s lyrical delivery throughout this track offers a really raw sense of how the words should be felt for both the performer and the listener of the track alike.

With this new single “Too Far Gone” we can hear an Emmet that is much more direct in his delivery both lyrically and instrumentally that in his previously released music. This newest effort from Emmet echoes the lyrical rawness of a previous single that hit the ears of listeners earlier this year called “One To Follow.” Though the topic of these two songs may be of a different vein, the emotional weight of both are heavy and goes nicely with Emmet’s strong vocal delivery.

The space instrumental vibe that is woven throughout “Too Far Gone” allows you to drift in and out of the galaxy of love and is a true representation of original electronic music.

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