LA-Based Pop Artist Dylan Dunlap premieres his official video for single, “Do We Need To Go Out?” on Elicit today! The single is a follow up to the previously released, “Face Value,” and “LiarLover.”

If you are just being introduced to Dylan Dunlap, he is a singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Los Angeles, California. After finding his passion for music at a young age, he started performing on the streets of Los Angeles and then went on to study at Berklee College of Music. You can check out more of his story here.

Following the footsteps of his prior releases, “Do We Need To Go Out?” has a way of combining Dylan’s in-depth lyrics with an upbeat, but melodic tempo. He has a way of telling a story that should be heard and putting it to a beat that people can actually absorb both the lyrics and sound.

When you listen to “Do We Need To Go Out?” it makes you want to just take the time out from work and curl up on the couch watching Netflix. Despite the busy lifestyle of being a musician, Dylan illuminates the idea of taking a break from all the mayhem of work, and enjoying the company of someone without any distractions.

“‘Do We Need to Go Out?’ was inspired by my heavy insecurities to be able to treat someone (as well as myself) while being a full-time independent artist in LA. I thought it’d be nice to write a song about it, but make it just FUN to listen to,” says Dylan. “There’s something special about fantasizing the idea of staying in with someone, not spending a single dollar, and still having a great time. We put so much weight on the ‘weekend’ that I feel like we miss out on so many opportunities to find little joys throughout the week.”

When it came to producing the single, Dylan deems him and producer, Ben Zelico, as “hardcore perfectionists,” and tells us “we did everything we could to make it sound as great as possible.” As with many of his songs, this one, in particular, features some pretty badass guitar riffs. “Kirk Adolph’s guitar work REALLY took this song to the next level. I got lucky with these guys and can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been creating this year!” comments Dylan.

The first half of the video features Dylan and his adorable cat lounging around on the couch; A fun way to show that it doesn’t always have to be a person you can chill with. A little over a minute in and in comes guitarist Kirk. “The plan was to take Kirk to see Avengers: Endgame later that night, so I respect Toda & Kristen Hahn sifting through all the footage of me trying to get him (Kirk) up to speed on Thor: Ragnarok,” says Dylan. “All I hope is that people can turn their brains off for a few minutes to enjoy this fun visual and get to know our friendship. And most importantly how awkward we are.”

Preview The Official Lyric Video For “Do We Need To Go Out?” Below!

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