Hailing from Melbourne, emerging rapper/producer Dstnce challenges the future with Notes From The Underground EP.

Unearthing his deepest and darkest thoughts, Dstnce’s EP is influenced by television shows “A Handmaid’s Tale” and “Black Mirror.” The EP features artists’ such as DJ Paypercuttz, Goretex and Aye One. Dstnce’s eerie underground EP will have listeners questioning the world as we see it, proposing what life would be like if Melbourne was under the control of an authoritarian regime in the future.

Dstnce is coming up quickly from the underground to make his name in the current Australian musicsphere. On why he chose to go with this theme, Dstnce said, “Some of my favourite records are concept albums. I grew up listening to joints like Disposable Arts by Masta Ace & Black Trash by Sticky Fingaz of Onyx. I haven’t really heard any Australian concept records, so why not.”

Demonstrating his lyrical mastery and fresh production skills, Notes From The Underground not only exhibits his ability to construct compelling music but also his punchy vocal delivery. Dstnce aka Torin is part of hip hop duo Headlines, a Melbourne based duo consisting of himself and Aye One which was first established in 2015. His latest EP showcases how creativity runs through his veins as he orchestrates an experimental sound that oozes with elements of Hip Hop.