Austin-based artist, Dossey releases a new single “Heartbeats” that is sure to throw you back to the good old days of Dance, Dance Revolution! This electro-pop artist is sure to make waves with her 1980’s throwback sound.

The beginning of “Heartbeats” features an extended intro with a fun, upbeat, electro-sound that has Dossey’s voice weaving in and out singing, “My heart it beats, beats. My heart it, my heart it.” The background music soon fades, and we’re introduced to the first verse that contains metaphorical lyrics like, “You’re a light on when I come home / You’re the fire on a night that’s cold.” Dossey’s voice is a subtle comparison to that of Demi Lovato with a mix of Katy Perry, her pitch is on point and seems her voice flows effortlessly throughout the song.

“Heartbeats was originally inspired by a short story that one of the other writers had just read. The story is about an elderly couple that is looking back on their many years-long relationship. They begin to reflect on how their love continued to grow and change over their years together, that it was “Never Ordinary”. I got very caught up in this idea, something so meaningful that it literally becomes part of you, changes with you. It’s truly beautiful. I think most of us in our very souls want to experience a love like this in our lives. A love that literally becomes our lifeline.”

“Heartbeats” features a fast-paced beat that is both catchy and engaging; the listener can’t help but tap their foot to the beat. In the intro, the cymbals are used to drive the song forward in both the first verse, pre-chorus and the chorus. The synthesizer also plays a vital role. With a solid base of electronic sound, the synthesizer is always playing in the background, but is especially dominant in both the intro and pre-chorus.

Within the song we’re hit with tons of metaphors like “You’re [the] sun in a cloudy sky” and
“You’re a glass of my favorite wine,” which makes this song extremely catchy for the listener because the lyrics are more than likely to stick in their head.

Despite the majority of the song being upbeat, the first run of the chorus slows down completely. If you think of a heartbeat — the song is indeed a representation of a heartbeat! When you’re around someone who excites you, your heart beats faster — even at the thought of them! This fast-paced beat is shown in the intro leading up the chorus. Then once the chorus hits, lyrics like, “Oh, I fall into your gravity / Oh, never ordinary” it makes us think of that moment when life seems to stop and slow down, where you can reminisce.

Overall Dossey’s “Heartbeat” takes us to a place where the word “carefree” is okay to say, dancing is recommended, and smiles are more than accepted.

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