DMA unveils a flashy video for her punchy and passionate new single, “So Bad.”

After showcasing her ability to ride on the trap beat of “Fleek,” her first freestyle, her second single “So Bad” gives us another look at DMA’s abilities to deliver on a different gene of music. This time a dancehall and house-inspired track reminiscent of UK artist Katy B’s work.

Her vocal delivery emits R&B undertones and adds a smooth caress to the hard-hitting drums. Another ode to girl power the song explores the powers of attraction and is a sure hit.

DMA is a 23 years-old artist from Paris. Singer, rapper and songwriter, DMA’s greatest asset is her versatility portrayed in her ability to adapt to any genre of music, be it melodic soul or hard-hitting dancehall rhythms.
Her sound, which ranges from neo-soul and R&B vibes to a skippy new era rap flow is at times sharp and seductive. That, and her stylistic vision are astonishingly assured for an artist who only started making music a few months ago.

DMA simply stands for the artist’s initials as a proud reminder of her late dad’s and grandmothers names.

Beatmaker Destys (*Danileigh, Melii..), Yung Darui and Ayke (London-based artists) together they built DMA’s artistic world.

Music has always been her secret passion that none of her family no friends ever knew. It’s only at the beginning of 2019 that she realized, that something was truly missing. That’s when she fully delved into music and with help from Paris-based

“I want to be able to be free, not only freedom of mind and speech but
being free to chase my own dream, my own destiny…” she says.