DJ Prince Hakim just added yet another item to his extensive music resume. His debut single Mannequin Girl featuring Bryan Scott is his latest project. Over a smooth, mid-tempo dance beat, “Mannequin Girl” tells the cautionary tale of women who choose to focus on glamour and beauty at the expense of their emotions; not realizing that the facade they build up as a defense mechanism only serves to stop them from living their full lives.

“I’ve had this song in my catalogue for four years…we kept fine tuning it until we felt it was perfect.” – DJ Prince Hakim

As the son of Kool of “Kool and the Gang”, Prince Hakim has been embedded in the music world from an early age. Hakim would spend his summers with music mogul Jermaine Dupri, who DJ’d in his garage. Influenced by the sound of the 80’s and today, Prince Hakim has traveled from New York to Tokyo sharing his passion, and spreading his message to “Celebrate Life”. In a short span of time, Prince Hakim has created a substantial following and brand for himself.

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