Diamonds On Neptune release their new single ‘Catawampus’ and these unpredictable Calgarian musicians are proud to present their blend of hardcore, pop-punk, heavy metal, and metalcore. With a huge range of musical influences, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where they stand, but fans of A Day to Remember, Cane Hill, Billy Talent, and Avenged Sevenfold are sure to take a liking to them. 

With a passionate attitude towards music and a strong work ethic, Diamonds On Neptune refuses to settle for “good enough” and their drive is clearly exemplified in their music. The band works hard so their fans can enjoy top quality music. As the band explains:

“We think our releases should reach fans on a personal level. That what they are hearing isn’t something they’ve heard before, but is something unique that they can feel was shaped through real experiences and affection towards trying to translate emotions into something people could immediately feel upon hearing.”

Diamonds On Neptune is a fusion of genres, adding elements that can be recognized and interpreted in many ways. The band shuns sonic consistency and embraces sounds that paint a picture of an experience or a sensation that ranges all emotions; fear, anger, paranoia, euphoria, pride, and acceptance. All of these qualities can be found in ‘Catawampus’, which features melodic and catchy vocals and aggressive riffs.

For those who enjoy the single, take note that Diamonds On Neptune expects to release a steady stream of singles throughout the next year. 

Listen to ‘Catawampus’ HERE