Written by Hero Magnus

“I love the way she moves, yeah / when she’s watering our garden / with her headphones / singing off-key Ariana through the window / and I can’t help but hum along,” begins Devin Kennedy in his latest comfy hit, “No Worries.” At first, I want to know how someone can water a garden with a pair of headphones; but after this momentary brain malfunction, I’m very much in love with Devin as well as his girlfriend, and I’m ready to start humming along. 

Devin Kennedy started his musical journey when he was two years old after receiving a drum set for Christmas. It takes a lot of confidence in your child to condemn the entire household to basement drum sessions for sixteen straight years throughout childhood and into adolescence. All of that confidence from his highly musical family paid off quickly; Kennedy learned to write songs, perform, and produce music during high school, and afterwards flew through Berklee College of Music in three years. His first single, “Waste of Time,” was a well-received slice of bubblegum pop. 

“No Worries” is his newest single, and it marks his gradual transition towards a more R&B-influenced sound. The song does exactly what it sets out to do, which is to create a mood of utter contentment.

“I wrote ‘No Worries’ about spending quality time with the people you love. I’m definitely guilty of spending too much time thinking about work, money, responsibilities, and of not spending enough time with the people who I care about. The whole point for me is that if you’re comfortable and able to escape the day-to-day stress and be with your people, then you really have no worries.”

– Devin Kennedy

“I love the way she looks, yeah / when she’s curled up on the sofa on the landline / talking to her sister ‘bout whatever,” sings Kennedy. He’s written himself as the perfect boyfriend, easygoing and just a little sexy. He’s got a bedroom voice, for sure, but it’s a morning-bedroom voice, the type for Sunday wake-ups with the love of your life.

The whole effect is clearly drawn from Daniel Caesar and H.E.R and other very sweet and gentle-sounding musicians. Can we call it domestic R&B? Characterized by hakuna matata vibes and soft-tempo praises to monogamy? I’m thinking, of course, of that song “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R, as well as the charming “Honey” by Kehlani.

“Production wise I’m always getting better, and trying to find something new and exciting. The chords of the song felt very carefree, so I just wanted to add gradual elements that contributed to that. We chose a bossonava beat because it felt so unique. Every production choice was made carefully to keep the song chill, light & carefree.”

– Devin Kennedy

Kennedy layers a crooning “oh, we got no worries” on top of the final chorus. This song creates such an aesthetically clear and pretty image of his relationship. We can imagine the two of them picnicking with “takeout and a bottle of wine,” and we can cry in the bathroom about being alone forever. “No Worries” is the musical equivalent of an Instagram couple goals video. 

Seriously though. I would highly not recommend listening to this song if you just went through a breakup or if you’re in the throes of feeling alone forever. I promise, you’re not over whatever recent love disaster has transpired. But, if you’re happily in love and love the feeling of being in love, you’re going to gush over “No Worries.”

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