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DENM says: “I wrote “Blow It Up” initially about my neighbors when I was living in the seedy beach town of Isla Vista. They were loud and wild. Always partying and fighting…I was trying to write the song in the first person from their point of view. But as I continued writing the song, it began to sound a lot more like the way I grew up in San Diego as well… So it’s kind of a song written about life in Southern California. The seedier side. It’s not all Beverly Hills and Malibu. It’s tough and you gotta learn to be tough to make it. But it’s also a party and good time. There’s no place like it.”

On the new single and upcoming EP, Huntington Beach, CA artist DENM teamed up with production songwriting team Rock Mafia (Eminem, Marshmello, Demi Lovato, Diplo, Zedd, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Wyclef Jean, Green Day).

The Endless Summer EP will be released via Rock Mafia on September 6.

This summer DENM has been keeping busy, most recently performing at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore, MD alongside Blackbear, ZHU, Infected Mushroom and others.

In 2015, DENM was no more than a bedroom producer playing in a band, touring North America, and producing some songs on the side in his spare time.

“My solo project basically started out as something to do when I was bored on tour,” shares DENM. “We would all have our computers out, making our own music for fun on the road. I remember making this random dance song in the back row of a sprinter and thought it sounded pretty cool. I played it for a few friends and label people, and when they demanded to hear more, I took it to heart.”

In early 2018, Rock Mafia enthusiastically signed DENM as an artist, writer, and producer. Together, they immediately began work on a full album. One may never know if it was because of his change in mindset, or simply because of his raw, undeniable talent. But, as DENM says, “It’s all about timing. I was in the right place at the right time.”