‘Tie Me Down’ notably has Bubble Gum’s catchiest chorus, courtesy of the interplay between Torre and Dutch star Luwten. Alongside the thundering chorus comes the monochromatic styling of the video – directed by Ruben Van Leer;  De Staat really have captured the elements that contextualise the story behind an album that takes influence from Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age.

De Staat’s vocalist, Torre, conveys this very idea by saying “The video plays with the idea of love and attraction being a literal force of nature. Pushing us together. We used the flag because it symbolises freedom, but also marks territory. Shot in a black and white world.”

Watch The Video For “Tie Me Down”

Film director Ruben Van Leer adds: “Tessa and Torre make way through hazardous winds, risky quakes and compelling gravities to surrender in a yin-yang pose. I loved the song for giving stage to an epic visual journey that fits one of the most imaginative Dutch pop bands of my generation.”

De Staat have previously reached heights in the top 5 album chart in their home territory, as well as selling out their own shows across Europe and the UK, adding nicely to their support slots alongside the likes of Muse, Papa Roach and The Rolling Stones. The list of achievements under their belts include the  Berlin Music Video Award 2016 for Best Concept for  ‘Witch Doctor’ as well as a  3FM Award 2016 for Best Album.

As for the old lingering criticism that  De Staat don’t fit into a box? Torre has a theory on that… “If we did I think we’d be a boring-ass band,” he smiles. “We’re now at a point where we’re very relaxed because we really know who we are. There’s always something in our music that’s interesting, and if there’s a song you really hate? That’s your bubble, man. To me, that’s a lot more inspiring than something you just find to be OK!” – Amen to that.