The energetic and eternally hopeful Dayglow (aka Sloan Struble) is releasing the fully realized version of his debut LP Fuzzybrain. This new collection includes the single “Can I Call You Tonight” as well as fresh tracks “Nicknames” and “Listerine.” On his full-length debut the Austin-based artist reveals his rare gift for illuminating emotional pain in a way that not only resonates, but ultimately makes that pain feel lighter. With its bright textures and effervescent melodies, glistening guitar tones and radiant vocals, the album instantly invites a dreamy euphoria, even as it gets incredibly candid about isolation and anxiety and loss. 

“For as long as I’ve made music, it’s been my goal to use it to help people feel better, and hopefully treat each other better,” says the singer/songwriter otherwise known as Sloan Struble“I believe that all art can do something good for the world, as long as artists can recognize its potential and embrace that responsibility.”

The new, fully realized version of the album features two new songs. Released last month was “Nicknames” a bold and bouncy track and today Dayglow is back with “Listerine” an undeniably potent song fueled by Struble’s confident vocal flow and flashes of jagged guitar work. “Both those songs were written around the same time as the rest of the album and very much exist in the Fuzzybrain universe,” Struble says. “Each is deeply intertwined into the conceptual universe and purpose of Fuzzybrain, and it just wouldn’t feel right releasing them in a separate body of work.