Davy Sage is thrilled to announce the release of his new single “Take You There,” available everywhere on August 2 2019.

“Take You There” is a Contemporary R&B song and Davy’s conversation around this track is about an intense sensual urge and fantasy with a crush, and the ego in showing it. This song was produced by LA based producer Twelve92 Music and start off with a soft blues guitar chord and Davy’s appealing Afrocentric voice and lyrics but as the 808 kick drops the action heats up to an intense erotic lyrics and feel revealing his intentions.

The artwork designed by Rich Montour  (also known as Authentik Digital Designs) explains more about this song as it shows a sexy wild looking lady tied up to a chair and the look on her face tells she’s is desperately in need of someone to set her free.

Since his debut single “High” in 2015 Davy has been steady building his catalogue of music by releasing 2 EP albums Waiting For You in 2016 and Identity in 2018. He has also released many singles and collaborated with Canadian artists from different genre. He has been featured on major Canadian media platforms like CTV, CBC, Global TV, City TV and more.

“Take You There” will be Davy’s second single in 2019, which is a follow up of his summer party track “Good Feeling” released back in April 2019.

Davy set to connect with his audiences through different genre of music from Dancehall, to Afrobeat and R&B in 2019 and he is currently working on his third EP to be released by the end of the year.