Photo by Rckybny

Michigan’s newest lo-fi soul artist Dani Darling (aka Soul Galaxy Girl) releases her much-anticipated debut EP Nocturne out now. Available on all digital streaming platforms, the project is a nostalgic suite of six nighttime songs that navigate a dreamlike sequence, oscillating between melancholy growing pains to jovial self-discovery.

Stream/purchase Nocturne here

Dani Darling is an old soul, merging nostalgic jazz with a new style of lo-fi R&B/soul, inspired by the likes of Jamila WoodsAaliyah and Billie Holiday. You can feel this phenomenon in Dani’s words and vocals. The jazzy chanteuse from Ann Arbor, Michigan exudes an experimental sound that is intimate and acoustic, with grace that runs deep.

Her influences span old hollywood movie scores, love, and the Universe – but this singer/songwriter’s goal isn’t to take you back in time; it’s to bring you into her whimsical world where time is like an old tune made new.

She has worked as a collaborating artist with The Black Opera as Soul Galaxy Girl, and performs with her band of “Darlings.”