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Rippling is defined as moving in a way that resembles a series of substantial waves. Waves are a term more commonly used to decipher emotional currents and both the attitudes and aptitudes that will either abate or alleviate them. Cubbi’s new self produced and written synth pop single, “Rippling” combines acoustic licks with brisk synth waves to catabolize a love affair of a distinctive kind.  

Cubbi is a South African Producer and Songwriter. He sounds like either the Alternative Synth Pop or Indie Electronica like rush of artists and with his new Single “Rippling” he’s likely to liason many listeners of both genres to look out for his EP due this Spring. Despite this being Cubbi’s only featured release, “Rippling” is balanced by its availability on streaming notables like Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.  

Cubbi’s “Rippling” emotively embarks listeners on what appears to be a love affair with lyrics like “I couldn’t desert you, I’ll always deserve you,” and “One touch is all I need, you send my body rippling…” However, after listening a bit deeper and hearing Cubbi’s state, “I won’t be flying when I’m floating home…” detail that there’s likely more riding on “Rippling.”

“I wanted to combine the acoustic elements of guitar with electronic arpeggiators and vocal chops in a way that sounds different to what is currently being pushed by more mainstream artists,” says Cubbi. “As the production grew, I knew it was necessary to replace our original drum samples with sounds that hit a bit harder than the organic sounds we originally had. It might come as a surprise, but I drew a lot of inspiration for the production of ‘Rippling’ from Kid Cudi and Bon Iver.”

On this new Single, “Rippling,” Cubbi actually seems to be touching on the ebbs and flows of mental illness. In a recent article on Vents Magazine, Cubbi earnestly states, “…it’s actually a song about mental illness…So yeah, I guess it is a love song, but one to mental illness.” 

In itself Cubbi’s “Rippling” is really good; its production overwhelmingly meshes with its in depth and relatable songwriting. Those two things sonic aptitudes of any song meshed together and are usually symbolic of either the tsunami of an on-the-way EP, or further single releases. To me it’s the meticulously crafted relays on mental illness that likely assure great things in the future for Cubbi for several reasons; it truly takes courage to face one’s self through his or her art, and simultaneously battling one’s inner demons expressively that tend to curtail the type of creative character that fans are more likely to befriend into their most beloved playlists. For these reasons, Cubbi’s “Rippling” may be one of the gnarliest Synth Pop releases out this season.

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