Today, Irish-born, Berlin-based artist CROOK shares his second single of 2019, “my bf (kinda),” viaBrooklyn-based indie label Sleep Well Records. With effervescent instrumentation and soft, earnest vocals, CROOK explores the conflicting nature of a murky relationship in a way that’s both intimate and ambiguous.

CROOK says about “my bf (kinda)”:“I wanted to write a song about a particular experience that I had — one that felt too obtuse / undefined to work as a pop song. Although it took a long time (please don’t ask how long, it’s embarrassing), I did find a way to write it. Even better, I found that I could describe it, quite simply, as a ‘love song.’

This is a love song where it’s not clear who’s in love with whom and to what extent. And it’s not clear what kind of love it is. If this sounds like *your* experience of love, you’ll probably enjoy this song.”

“my bf (kinda)” follows “oh, cool,” a nostalgic bedroom pop-punk track with deeply relatable lyrics about the daily anxieties of existing. It opens with the line “Oh, cool, I guess I’m crying on this train…”