Pyramid Room Exit brings the experimental indie-pop musings of Comfort Creature from shadow to light. Accompanied by the somberly kaleidoscopic videoclip (directed by Sabina Maselli), this single manifests the inner workings of Icelandic-born Auður Zoëga, and perhaps brings with it some of the magic and mystique her birthplace is so known for.

Within this solemn musical tale exists a dance of feminine strength and sensuousness between the two counterparts: the intimate, upfront vocal stylings of Auður, and the stumbling, textural percussion of no-input mixing (a process of generating feedback loops within mixing consoles).

With layers of intricate detail revealed the deeper you cast your attention into the music, this is a single which rewards you for delving into its welcoming quiet.

Pyramid Room Exit is the first single from the self-titled debut album, out September 2019 on Invalid Records.

Watch the official video on Youtube