JT is half of the rap duo City Girls along with her best friend Yung Miami (aka ‘Resha). Drake asks JT and ‘Resha “do you love me, are you riding, say you will never ever leave from beside me / ‘cause I want ya, and I need ya, and I’m down for you always…”

City Girls’ tell the lovelorn Drake they will show him “how that neck work / F**k that Netflix and chill—what’s your net-net-net worth?”


  • City Girls are JT and Yung Miami and proudly hood from Miami.
  • City Girls just released their debut on Quality Control Music this May.
  • City Girls rap unapologetically about sexual and financial empowerment.
  • City Girls are not sorry if this makes men feel uncomfortable.
  • City Girls’ JT turned herself in June 29 to serve her sentence for credit card fraud
  • City Girls’ JT looks forward to freedom and giving back the love she is receiving while locked up.
  • City Girls know “You like the way this pussy sit in boy shorts / And it’s so tight it could smoke a Newport” among other classic gems from their outspoken lyrics.
  • City Girls are not looking for no broke boys.
  • City Girls know girls can speak out as raw and confident and with as much swagger as the boys do – they are JT and Yung Miami and flip the script on Hip Hop.