The four-piece Seattle band is back and more ready than ever with their latest single “Someone Else” from their forthcoming album Who Cares. The track shows off the band’s more mature side as they describe the battle of addiction and depression with a punk-rock flare.

“I think we all want to be the best versions of ourselves, but it’s a lot easier to fall into bad habits that bring out the worst in us,” says Choke The Pope.

After two years of writing and one failed attempt at recording the entire album, Choke the Pope has finished a follow-up album to 2016s Emotional Material. Taking a (slight) step back from being completely goofy, this album dives into tougher material the difficulty of overcoming drug and alcohol dependencies, the feeling of hopelessness and vulnerability. With lyrics like, “And that’s when I reach for the bottle again / And that when I stop hanging out with my friends,” we know immediately that this song is one to be taken seriously. View all of the lyrics for “Someone Else” here.

“No matter how calm and collected someone looks on the outside, you never really know the internal struggle a lot people are going through,” comments Choke The Pope.

Self-produced at a studio owned by two of the members, they are finally ready to release this bundle of songs and move on to the next. As a matter of fact, the band will actually release the album August 4th on Den Tapes, so stay on the lookout!

Listen To “Someone Else” Below


  • Written by Choke the Pope
    Recorded at Hazy Bay Music in Seattle, WA
  • Produced by Choke the Pope
  • Engineered, mixed and mastered by Sean Dwyer
    Assistant engineering by Aaron Spieldenner and Paul Davis
    Design and artwork by Sean David Williams
  • Tape released via Den Tapes

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