Following “Diggin’ You” and “Sippin’ On Danger” singles released this year, Carter Cruise’s new single “Wë Were” completes the full Send Moods EP – available today on all streaming portals.

Showcasing a more vulnerable, authentic side of Carter, the EP is the first project in which the recording artist uses her own vocals. The indie-electronic project is sure to send all the right moods your way, with emotion-evoking lyrics and feel-good melodies. In the Send Moods EP, expect Carter Cruise to serve up a whirlwind of feels to become with anthems for your end-of-summer playlists. 

“What I’ve always loved about music is its ability to change your mood or deepen it, depending on what you listen to. Songs can capture moods and create them. With this project, I wanted to be vulnerable and “emotionally naked” which is where the play on words for the title of the EP came from. ” – Carter Cruise.

Regardless of how you know Carter Cruise, it’s apparent she’s a fearlessly authentic creator incapable of being put in a singular box. As an artist, performer, producer, songwriter, vocalist, DJ, and human being she shines in a way that’s downright infectious, and for new and old fans alike, watching her evolve never gets old. Although she’s known for being the life of the party, her forthcoming EP release ‘Send Moods’ is about to reveal yet another dimension of herself with darker imagery and emotional storytelling.

From the time she could speak it was apparent Carter was destined to be a performer whether it was theater, competitive dancing, singing, or hosting her own talk-show in a pre-YouTube era (her parents being the only audience members). Raised in North Carolina, Carter has that bonafide Southern charm about her and none of the narrow-minded thinking. As she neared the end of college and stood at that all too familiar crossroads in many of our lives, she made the decision to ditch law school and take the road less traveled all the way out to LA, where she’d been determined to live and work as a creator since childhood.

Having successfully made a name for herself as a DJ playing with the likes of Krewella, Adventure Club, Baauer, RL Grime, and Ookay plus doing official remixes for Ghastly, MOONZz, and Krewella, Carter has been all the while quietly perfecting her craft as a songwriter and producer and is ready to share her original material with the world. She released her first original track ‘Literally Like Yeah’ earlier this year, but her upcoming EP ‘Send Moods’ is the first project you’ll hear her vocals on. ‘Send Moods’ traces the thread of ill-fated love throughout time from past, to present, to future pulling influences from different eras and mixing classic acoustic sounds and vintage synths with modern electronic vibes. Catch Carter playing this summer at Splash House, Summer Daze Festival in North Carolina, and her residency “Welcome to the Internet” in Dallas to name a few.