Review by Jamie Glenn

Philadelphia native CAPPA brings a crack, snapple, pop, as she returns with a playful new electronically driven track,  “Tension.” With seven years in the music scene, CAPPA has managed to win over the ears of many and is ready to offer something a new, playful sound.

“Tension” is filled with friction-filled lyrics like, “Now we’re here, face to face / I need to know are you gonna do it?” this playful lyricism catches the listeners attention immediately, but it’s not all fun and games! Listeners are given a glimpse into a much more narrative feel with lyrical moments like, “When your drinking your coffee like that / your lips go (pop) I can’t ignore what I’m feeling for you / when you lockin your keys in your car, I’m like a… but I want you more than I did before.” It’s here that Cappa focuses in on more personal moments that relate to her own experiences, yet the idea of someone just being in the “friend zone” is very relatable to some.

Compared to her release of “Waste my Time” in 2017, we see a Cappa who is much more lyrically driven with this newest track, “Tension” where she showcases growth in song crafting. For example, lyrics like, “Why don’t we take the tension and break it down / Why don’t you put my body like… Take that pressure and work it out / just work it out / don’t keep it all inside, let’s break the tension baby,” is where Cappa shines the most throughout this track; The instrumentation is in full swing, and the lyrical delivery has found a healthy balance between telling a story to listeners, while offering a playful tone to match the topic of a new romantic discovery.

With a strong mix between the likes of Andrew Applepie’s style of sound and Layne’s grit and grain music delivery, CAPPA is in good company within the genre. The release of “Tension” will soar to new undiscovered territories while still holding enough substance to keep listeners intrigued as the track progresses. This is sure to be your new favorite track to jam out to this summer!

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