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When you lowkey listen to the likes of Austin Mahone, both Justins (Bieber & Timberlake), Charlie Puth, and a plethora more of male artists still riffing romance relations over what I tend to call the more “R&B Groove” style of sound, you tend to press repeat. Consider this the case when you hear songs like Cameron Dietz’s latest Pop-R&B Single release, “Goals.”

Cameron Dietz, who has been recording since about the age of 14, may still be a newcomer to most, he has about an EP’s worth of singles that can be streamed on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube. This Ed Sheeran like crooner’s rather modest amount of releases in no way, form, fashion shades, shuns, or slights his creative hustle. In one of his most recent interviews with Salute, Cameron spoke about new releases on the way saying, “I am working…I’m planning on putting out a six-track EP around late summertime.” 

“Goals” without a doubt grooves, as it starts off with a fervent Spanish flavoured petition of passion that permeates into Dietz’s fleet paced placate of “Baby, why you? He doesn’t even love ya, like I do.” He goes on to fittingly reinforce a refrain that swoons, “If you let me be your shining knight, we can make it through the stormy weather. / Need somebody that’ll treat you right, I think that you can do better…” Dietz’s lit-laced lyrics backed with his own sizzling self produced track treats listeners to what beckons to feel like that early 2000 to about 2009 Pop-R&B sound some may have forgotten about.

“I really wanted to kick the year off right with a fun, catchy song. Since Valentine’s Day was coming up, I figured it would be the perfect time to drop a single like this for people to enjoy for the occasion and beyond,” says Cameron.

 It was warming to me to listen to Cameron’s “Goals.” It wasn’t because my head was nodding from start to finish, and it wasn’t because I’d playlisted “Goals” into my own iTunes on repeat for about a solid hour and half. It was because there’s still some replicative art-savvy authenticity in what Dietz seems to be trying to do here by way of his craft.

“I wanted to capture and revive that ’90s Pop sound, and give it a sort of modern spin,” says Cameron. “This song may be one of the songs featured on my upcoming EP, “Lake Destiny,” set to be released early 2019. 2019 may not be ready for Cam Deezy.”

He’s not the first artist to seemingly enforce R&B upon the Pop music masses. Which, that actually happens quite a bit now, as the mesh of the R&B and Pop sound wave has been steadily rising since around 2000.

If you don’t believe me, Google artists like the artists mentioned here. Take a listen to them, and you’ll likely agree. The beauty in Cameron Dietz’s “Goals” is that he’s obviously been influenced two of my favorite genres of music, and he seems so appreciative of it. Imitation is indeed a sincere form of flattery; however, for the sake of all artists, I’ll phrase it as such. “All art will always be an influx of some other art…”

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