Although Nashville is known for its country music, our growing culture has paved the way for artists of all genres to make a name for themselves. Show-stopping, head-turning, powerhouse pop singer Brooke Alexx is no stranger to the stage. Fostered by a childhood career in musical theater, Brooke’s voice is notable in strength and range while cutting clear through the noise with her vibrant, velvety undertones.

Influenced by artists like Tove Styrke, Charli XCX, and Taylor Swift, the Nashville transplant is writing radio-ready earworms and diving head-first into the explosive, effervescent synth-pop sound she was always destined to have. Bridging hard work and natural-born talent, Brooke is on a mission to make her name known in the ever-expanding pop landscape.

Her new single “Bored” has already racked up over 100,000 Spotify streams in less than two weeks. Her new video depicts the struggles of dating someone you find attractive, but is also boring to be around. Co-directed and co-edited by Kenneth Herron and Brooke herself, the video is very much an artistic metaphor for the relationship, taking the viewer into an alternate universe where color represents character.

While Brooke stands out in bright, vibrant-colored outfits, her love interest remains in all-white, symbolizing his bland personality. The robotic and sterile chorus scenes convey Brooke’s inner mind and the toll his monotony is taking on her and other girls plagued by boring suitors.

Check out “Bored” by Brooke Alexx here.