Bombay Bicycle Club are pleased to share “Racing Stripes,” the third track from their forthcoming fifth album, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong. The album is released via Caroline International/Island Records on January 17, 2020, and is the band’s first in five years.

The beautiful “Racing Stripes” represented a real breakthrough for the band during a brief period in Cornwall when vocalist Jack Steadman was finding it difficult to write.

“It’s a good example of the emotional rollercoaster you go through. I was like, this is it, I can’t do this any more, and then the next morning you’re like, ah, this is a really good song. The relief!” he says. “Racing Stripes is the first song we’ve done where I feel you could have a lighter in the air and sing along to it,” says guitarist Jamie MacColl. Its final refrain, a lilting loop of “This light will keep me going,” speaks to the future, and to what they have achieved together, and will go on to make.

Watch the video for Racing Stripes, shot in the Lofoten Islands of northern Norway HERE It’s a gorgeous, sweeping lament that offers a different shade to the band’s widescreen sound than the album’s introductory tracks of “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)” and its title track. The song welcomes the purest of supporting vocals from British folk artist, Billie Marten.