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It wasn’t a mistake that I’d catalogue Blake Rose’s full length album’s worth of singles on Spotify.  His newest Alternative Pop release, “Lost” is in ways nothing like his slew of other releases, but at times it sort of is. With it’s soothing yet flickering guitar lick lassoing you into the intro along with Blake’s vocals calmly furling alongside it, “Lost” carefully finds itself fitting into the same sounds of up and coming Cameron Dallas, Ed Sheeran, and most of all, Shawn Mendes. 

The Aussie bred 19 year old Blake Rose, self initiated his start in music by way of learning the guitar at age 14. Rose then mustered the courage to travel to Los Angeles where he began working with other artists, cultivating what would become a series of tracks orchestrating his heterogeneous catalog of songs. Blake Rose has quite a few (and by quite a few, I mean around a LP’s worth) of songs that can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. 

Blake Rose’s Single “Lost” unravels Rose’s down and outs of a lost love and the flashbacks they can inspire. Lyrics like, “What I would do just to kill the light / telling me I’ve got to call / but living without you don’t feel right…” to “You gotta admit we were so dumb / how did we manage to mess this up?” both capture and illustrate the anomalous absence of lost love and the strains it often strings along with it.

As Pop as it presents itself musically, it also edges itself alternatively by mentioning things like, “Pulling up on the 1-5” and “maybe I’m too dumb to call” which sound like some of his musical muses, Drake or Justin Bieber. 

With ‘Lost’ I wanted to paint a vivid picture of that emotion you feel upon realizing that you have let someone go that you never should have. I  was drawing from a somewhat similar situation I was in after parting ways with a girl that I really liked,” says Blake. “All of a sudden everything we used to do together became boring and empty when I would do them on my own, only proving to me how lost I was without that person.”

Blake’s “Lost” fits very well within this widening fringe of Alternative Pop music that’s surrounding the assortment of influence it denotes; it reveals just how diversified the creative cohabitants of its genre truly are. In other words artists like Blake Rose, Drake, Shawn Mendes, and Ed Sheeran are not shy about how other types of genres outside of Pop inspire them musically. 

Besides the pruning of pain that is often palpating in their music, there is still another part of their craft that is usually on display: love. Blake does what seems to be an almost polite paced sway with his memories of intimacy on “Lost.” There’s a sincere inspection of his songwriting that reveals a relentless torment that can momentarily take any listeners away from their own.

Blake Rose is an artist who is taking the time be a quite active part of the modern machine of Alternative Pop; stay tuned for what he’s going to do next. 

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