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Coming of age can adequately conjoin with the cutting edge creativity of sound design. While watching the new trailer for Rocketman, a biographical cinematic biopsy about the breakthrough years of one of the greatest musicians and songwriters ever, Elton John, I secretly asked myself: Would this saga sage us with an antidote of what truly makes a singer innately see and dictate trial and error while detailing heartfelt music? After a few or so listens to Blake Rose’s latest Alternative Pop Single, “Best of Me,” which flashes some of the young brilliance one might’ve seen in the early Elton John, you begin to realize that his sound, stance, and stability behind the mic are without a doubt noteworthy of his newfound notoriety.

Blake Rose is a 19 year young Australian singer and songwriter who began playing music at around 5. At that time, he took up a Northern Australian instrument called the didgeridoo before moving onto guitar at the age of 10. In his teenage years, Blake Rose began fully producing his own music.

After saving his money and sojourning to Los Angeles, California, he wrote and released his first Single in 2018 called “Hotel Room.” The well produced, written, and reviewed “Hotel Room,” conjoined the co-writing efforts of Joel Adams and Justin Gammella as well as showcased Blake’s talent by generating well over a million views on YouTube.

As with plenty of songs echeloned by way of a singer shouldering a life-experienced outlook, “Best of Me” has a musically supervised build up of strings stenciled to strikingly stand out beneath Blake’s vocals. The verse, “Ever since I was 9 I’ve known all the lies, / I found out the reason our parents would fight, / As you slipped into the night through your window…” Rose’s analogically choice of reference, “window,” outlooks more than just the view of who he is singing to. We see this around the latter end of verse one where Blake refers to himself, “Now I’m watching it burn through ‘my window.’”

“‘Best Of Me’ is probably one of my most personal efforts yet. Exploring the heart-wrenching truths of what it’s like to be close to someone who struggles with drug addiction. I wanted to give people a snapshot into what that feels like and how devastating it is to watch,” says Blake.

As you venture further into Blake’s “Best of Me,” you’ll notice that Rose details the strength and perseverance that can be mustered and attained when dealing with addiction. This is all articulated pretty much climatically within the “Best of Me” chorus: “Yeah, you’ll always get the ‘best of me.’ This, along with the entire song, pieces together a truly endearing song to introspect about a very likely, true story. 

Avid Pop listeners likely realize that there is a shortage of songs in the “all too usual” top ten. The pain elicited through addiction often deteriorates through its circumferences. Blake Rose somehow doesn’t shy away from it on his latest single, “Best Of Me.” Actually he seems to take the pain of such experiences and sonically expand on it with sound production, enhanced songwriting, and a gloom struck, yet gleam savvy presence. The entire song might foretell and fortify the fruition of his hopefully evolving fanbase.

There’s also a tad bit of early Drake in Blake; he often uses the strife from hopeful wives to be, or just the energy that often surrounds such for a surreal-like sound-designing platform. He makes the music that artists like myself, as well fans and appreciators, can sift through appreciatively and stimulatingly. “Best of Me” by Blake Rose is without a doubt his best so far, but let’s hope that the best is yet to come…

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